In an era where so-called singers lack real power, depth and creativity, it's exciting to find an artist who is making something better than the average noise. Anthony Brooks, aka (Noise-Man), emanates a refreshing approach that encompasses both the passion and pain of classic Blues with the funk and "umph" of real rhythm and soul.

Indeed, Noyzeman stirs memories and evokes emotions with each note, every lyric and a beat that drives it all like a classic car. Get in. Join the journey to love lost, freedom gained and hearts stained with the joy, pleasure and pain of human life. 

And on top of delivering real music, Noyzeman presents it in a complete package: he writes it, he produces it, he sings it, all with a stage performance that courts the ladies with his smoldering good looks, scintillating voice and sexy persona. 

Whether he's enticing fans with the pulsating “Secret Agent Man” or caressing the libido with the desire-driven "Look What You Do," Noyzeman puts it down with a style, energy and finesse that is rarely seen and heard it today's bubblicious music world. His music is not for the faint of heart, but it does come from the heart and the soul of a man driven by love's charms, drama, seduction and vast array of emotions, both good and evil. 

A mere twenty-something, Noyzeman has been singing since he was just five. He's not just a singer, though… he writes from personal experience, his own and others.  He's also taken the time and made the investment to study production. Indeed, he is the definition of an independent artists - the lyrics, the music, the performance - it all comes from one source - he's a one stop shop!

Although he admires the works of classic singers/songwriters such as Ray Charles, Bill Withers and Stevie Wonder, he prefers to sing his own material. "I like to sing songs that have a personal meaning to me," he explains. "Although I greatly appreciate and respect the classics and the inspiration they bring, I don't live to sing other people's songs."

Although Noyzeman has never had any type of formal vocal training, the instincts are there. He knows how to master his voice, wrap it around a lyric, caress a hook and use his high-powered falsetto to climax a song.

It's only a matter of time before Noyzeman becomes a household name. His music is at once timeless and noveau. Stay tuned and listen for this star to shine.